Bouquets made with love-Perfect for Mothers Day.

Peachy bouquet
  • New- GOLDYS 2024

    Dive into opulence with our New collection of 18k gold-plated jewelry collection, where every piece is a testament to glamour and timeless sophistication. Elevate your style with the lustrous glow of meticulously crafted accessories that exude luxury. Each item is a masterpiece, seamlessly blending elegance and bold design. Indulge in the brilliance of 18k gold, elevating your everyday look to extraordinary. Unleash your inner radiance and adorn yourself with the epitome of indulgence – because you deserve to shine in gold-plated perfection."

  • Bundle it up!

    Experience affordable luxury with our money-saving bundles, thoughtfully designed to bring beauty and tranquility into your life. Revel in the charm of our meticulously crafted dried flower bouquets, paired seamlessly with candles inspired by the Pacific. Our bundles offer you more for less – the perfect gift for a loved one for all occasions.

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  • Dried Flower Diffuser

    Introducing our exquisite dried flower diffusers, inspired by the serene beauty of the Pacific. Immerse yourself in the calming scents of ocean breeze, coastal blooms, and fresh greenery. Elevate your space with these long-lasting fragrances, carefully crafted to bring the Pacific's tranquility to your home. Each diffuser is adorned with handpicked dried flowers, creating a visually appealing and aromatic centerpiece. Embrace the essence of the Pacific in every room with our unique dried flower diffusers.